It’s Time…


It can sneak up on you out of the dark, and you may never see it coming. You start like a thief caught in the act, whirl around and stare it in the face.

“Oh, it’s you…” you may say. “What are you doing here?”

Or more likely, more to yourself, “Am I ready for this?”

Worse, it can blindside you, a train roaring out of nowhere, and you’re standing in the middle of the tracks.

“Get off the tracks!” the audience yells, but by the time you turn to look at them and then turn back, the train is upon you, over you, in you, through you….

It’s also something you may seek, peering into all the corners, under the tables, even plumbing the depths of the past. And a lot of us find it there, surprisingly, nestled against the bosom of time.

What the hell is it? An idea?


A wild animal?


A philosophy?


A monster?


It’s love.

It’s all of the above, and then some. Love and romance. And even better…time-travel romance.

There’s nobody here but you in case you don’t want to admit it out loud, that you’re into romance, in case your scientist friends will deem you a fool because it’s been incontestably proven that ‘love’ is an abstract concept derived from chemical interactions, or the other lion tamers will snort in disgust since any notions of ‘love’ will have the big cats clawing your back open because they can smell ‘weakness’ in the air.

But I see no shame in the well-crafted romantic time travel story, or in romance in general.

Romance, for me, is a nice escape now and then from reality. And that’s not to say that reality is a barren desert devoid of emotions and/or wild chemistry between another person. But you have to admit that unchecked emotions and those first crazy roller coaster rides with that person you just met only lasts for so long. And thank God. Because isn’t too much of anything, even a good thing, always too much in the end?

Imagine new love as you lying in a hammock during gale-force winds, being punched up and down, twisted around, terrified and electrified simultaneously, unable to eat, sleep, almost unable to breathe.

How long would that be fun, exactly?

When the wind stops and the hammock settles…gently swaying… nothing really happening…isn’t that nice too?

In time travel romances, there’s a variety of ways that the heroines, generally by accident, trigger their leap back in time. Two books which transcended, in my opinion, not only the mechanism by which they time traveled but the usual story, too, are “Beautiful Wreck” by Larissa Brown: larissabrown and “Transcendence” by Shay Savage: shay savage.

Dive into “Beautiful Wreck” for its beautiful writing and get swept away by the stark imagery of an ancient Viking civilization. A plus for this tale is the kind of unrequited longing and attraction between the two main characters that stretches out tantalizingly, far beyond the usual point of no return.

“Transcendence” also bypasses the usual touching of a mysterious gem/locket/necklace/ring, car driving off a cliff, into fog, into a bog, partial concussion or other bodily damage by scientific means on one end which, of course, translates to magic on the other, and believably so.

But the amazing thing about “Transcendence” is its point of view, which comes entirely from the male protagonist, who is pre-lingual, and therefore verbal communication between he and his potential mate is nil, resulting in only universal sign language. The male’s internal monologue is repetitive and hilarious, casting the entire story in a light, comical air, and is more than worth reading, in my opinion.

I love to love love, just like you do. And no, that’s not a typo.

I love love. Love to love it. Especially in the unexpected and unusual circumstances that altered reality presents.

Go out back, right now, jump in the time machine where you have it hidden behind the shed, and set your coordinates for these two stories.

I’m personally so happy I found them, because it makes me love love even more.

The monster, the philosophy, the animal, expected, unexpected, past, present, future: I love them all.




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