2019 – Year of Socks!!

It’s a long time till next December, so I’ll probably reblog this again next fall to remind those of us who’d like to send some socks (or hand towels). Thanks, Michael, for sharing.

The Inner Circle

Its 2:06 pm

I got woken up by Paladin this morning. Thinking he wanted treats at this early hour,I got up and headed down stairs. Except he didn’t follow me down. When I turned to see what was the hold up,he had dragged a calendar,a sock and a wash cloth to the top of the stairs and just stared at me.  I knew then I was a day late in publishing this post about our biggest Pink Hat mission yet and this was not making the cheetah happy.
As some of you may know,I had organized a couple of sock drives and gathered socks from all over the world and donated them to two churches,Our Lady of Victory in Northville where Lori and I got married and St. Thomas ‘a Becket in Canton where we attended and they held Lori’s funeral service.

It was also at St. Thomas that…

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Beautiful Fantasy: Spartan Justice for All

I need to write a short story and have it done by the end of December (not that anyone cares and/or is reading this), so I’m reblogging a post from almost a year and a half ago ’cause I kinda like it….and you (someone) might enjoy it also. On some level. Wish me luck, ’cause I’m failing so far with the story. But I’ve still got almost a month left………..

Laughter Over Tears


Where do I begin? Did I love the movie “300”? Yes. Was it based in reality? Somewhat. Here and there. Just put a little Wite-out on the ugly parts and blow up the good parts by 1,000.

Well, it’s kinda like how, over time, certain people and/or events become…let’s say…changed from what actually happened or who they actually were, and all of this becomes viewed, in time, through a distorted lens that’s only telling part of the story. Yeah, yeah, history is written by the victors. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Examples? No problem. Two that stand out in my mind are the Rhodes Scholarship and Margaret Sanger. When one thinks of a Rhodes Scholar and the associated scholarship, one generally conjures up benign brainiacs, geeks and nerds of Mensa or Jeopardy! qualifications, whose brains are bigger, synapses fire faster, or maybe are simply gifted in the retention of trivia and facts.

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