A Maggot…. again.


A fellow blogger reminded me of UFOs today, so I’m posting the link to one of the blogs I wrote long ago…when I had many fewer followers! If you’re not interested in the book review, just skip ahead to the paintings at the end, at least, and see if you find them as fascinating as I do. But John Fowles, author of A Maggot, is amazingly brilliant too.


10 thoughts on “A Maggot…. again.

  1. You put me to shame, T- Sock. I’ve only read A Maggot–and that one only because hubby gave it to me for a present years ago. He’s amazing and I’m glad he was born and became a writer.
    And you’re welcome!

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    • OHHHH! You have to get your hubby to give you a new present, Fowlesā€™ Daniel Martin!

      Tubularsock has a strong feeling that youā€™d enjoy the read.

      It has lost love, gained love, and a philosophy of cinema, imperialism and aesthetics.

      Canā€™t go wrong BUT it is rather a hefty read so skip your day job for a week or two.


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  2. It’s now on the list! The Magus. Daniel Martin. At this rate, I’ll be ditching work for a month! Should I laugh or cry when I get the pink slip? Maybe after a mega infusion of John Fowles I’ll achieve an altered state and won’t even care.

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