Hand Resting Comfortably on Thigh

The George Floyd trial has started here, as many probably know, so we’re being inundated by the tragic details and overall sense of doom stemming from that day.

In seeing video up closer, I realized that the killer cop’s hand wasn’t actually in the pocket of his pants. His black gloves make a clean straight line across his wrist in such a way that it appeared the rest of his hand was in a pocket. But it was actually just resting on top of his thigh.

All this is to say I’m correcting the title of my post from a year ago, Hand In a Pocket to Hand Resting Comfortably on Thigh instead. Both of which, in the end, are equally condemning.

8 thoughts on “Hand Resting Comfortably on Thigh

  1. Stacey I haven’t been watching the trial closely but I did see an EMT was giving testimony and saying she was not allowed to approach to try to save George’s life. Truth is often stranger and much more horrible than fiction.

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  2. Hi, Jade. I’m not either, but hubby is, so I get sucked in until I can extricate myself as soon as possible.
    But yeah, I don’t get it. I thought I heard them say that when she approached, trying to help, the killer cop pulled his mace out. How does that make sense in any world? It doesn’t. The mind boggles.


  3. It’s always a bad sign when a cop goes too far for even other cops. It’s like that poor young man that was sexually assaulted and grievously wounded by a cop with a toilet plunger, who was “roughing him up” in the bathroom…the other cops were like, “we thought you were roughing him up…you know beating him senseless with a phone book…not this!” This Chavin guy…whatever…is pure evil.

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  4. Yeah, agree. His cool confidence while he kneeled there, refusing to move, was what was so scary. What he was doing was right and fine and there would be no consequences for it (as usual). Luckily, he was proven terribly wrong by that assumption. This time.


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