Guest Writer Pamela Lowe: We Belong to Us

Fellow blogger/writer, teacher, and humorist Glen of Scenic Writer’s Shack ( started this. He was the first to post about his first love:

Inspired by his passionate and exciting tale, I re-posted it here and am now once in a while inviting whomever cares to dredge up those long-ago thoughts and emotions to share them on my humble blog.

Among those so far have been movie & actor reviewer/interviewer extraordinaire Michael S.  ( and by happenstance, an unexpected journey in the comments from restorative philosopher Burning Heart of Kone, Krusos, Kronos:

Today my thanks go to Noir Queen and music aficionado par excellence Pam Lowe for lifting a corner of the curtain and allowing us a peek into a mini-montage of her past. You can find all things mysterious and thrilling and intensely informative at her site:

(Though I’ve inserted photos and drawings at various points in Pam’s story, all are a result of my perceptions only and have nothing to do with the images Pam might have chosen for herself).

head swirl colors

It depends on what you mean by “first love.” Presuming you mean romantic first love, it’s still a rather broad category…concept…feeling, whatever.

Still, I’d say my first love was my dad. Same as a lot of little girls.

My dad was handsome. He smelled good. English Leather. Yeah, it’s old school…shoot, it’s practically Old Spice. (He used that too. The deodorant.) It was a long time ago. English Leather was actually respectable then.


He was a flashy dresser. Flashy, but tasteful.

Complementarily contradictory. A dichotomy, you might say. That sums him up pretty good, I think. He would like that…

My next romantic interest was Lyle Wagoner on the Carol Burnett Show. I liked the “pretty” men. Of course I was five years old…

My first boyfriend was named Lee. We were in fifth grade. Again–a pretty boy. He sang Donny Osmond’s Puppy Love beautifully on Talent Friday’s. (He sang Elton John’s Island Girl, too. In fact he’s the reason we couldn’t sing to records from home anymore. It was a private Christian school and Island Girl was taboo.)

The first hard crush I had was on a guy named Jon. He was my neighbor from across the street and he was gorgeous in a dark, brooding kind of way. Kind of like Matt Dillion, but more careful with his attire.

One evening my mother forced me to practice my French horn in the garage. I had those big pink sponge rollers in my hair and long cotton gown on. There were ruffles on it, I think…the gown.

french horn

rollers 2

I kept playing the same three scales over and over again because that’s all I knew. That’s why I had to practice in the garage.

Anyway, there I was blasting away when I look over at the little glass panes in the garage door and there was Jon, staring at me. I was mortified.

standing in door

He took a shower at my house one time when the city tuned off his utilities. I was honored.

His girlfriend was just as gorgeous as he was…

Mitch was my first serious boyfriend. We were juniors in high school when we met. He turned me on to pot. The first time I smoked it, I was terrified. We were in a church parking lot less than a mile from my house.

Joint in the hand

I told him to take me home. I laid down on the couch to sleep it off, not sure if I’d wake up or not.

Really. I’m serious. So much for drug-scare-tactics.

But even though it was serious with Mitch doesn’t mean that I loved him. I didn’t. I cared for him. He was my friend. For me, that’s a lot…

True love didn’t strike me until I met my husband. For all intents and purposes, he was/is my first love. I’m not going to write very much about him because it’s private. We belong to us.

But I’ll share this…I like to talk to my husband. I enjoy his company…I was very young when we met. Nineteen. I’m fifty-six now. He’s sixty-three.

I think that says a lot.

holding hands black and white

27 thoughts on “Guest Writer Pamela Lowe: We Belong to Us

  1. Thank YOU, Pam. Not very many of us have the happy, romantic ending you do, so that was nice to read.
    And thanks for your kind words. Remember, I do a post a month, so now I have all of December to come up with something, lol.

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  2. Pam’s words about a little girl’s first love being their father are so well chosen and true.
    When she mentions about her first tv crush being Lyle Waggoner on the Carol Burnett Show, well, I had to go see for myself…

    The eyebrow flick at the end of this clip is pure swank and a true classic –

    I’ll throw in the fact my first tv crush was Lindsay Wagner in the role of Jamie Somers on THE BIONIC WOMAN (1976 – 1978).
    Well done Pam. It’s always interesting reading people’s recollections on this most personal of personal subjects.

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  3. I think both you AND Pam have good taste in celebrities, ’cause Kyle was very handsome and I recall liking Lindsay Wagner’s look myself. She also seemed very down to earth.

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  4. Reading this took me on a walk down memory lane, so thanks for posting this. My first “crush” kiss involved a boy who’d had cleft palate surgery as a child. We were at a party, dancing to a Herman’s Hermits song. After that, he blushed every time I walked by. My first real boyfriend (the following year) was ridiculously good-looking. Couldn’t have chosen a better person to help me navigate embracing my healthy libido. But on to adulthood… If love means being a team player and not just sticking by your mate’s side but being willing to make sacrifices and compromises along the way, then the love of my life would be my late husband. If he has a hand in bringing another love into my life before my time is up, I thank him in advance. I think I’ve still got one good man left in me. No pun intended.

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  5. Ok, I think this is the point where the reminiscences officially pass on from first love’s to first tv loves.

    This is the program opener from back in the 70’s that made me fall in love with the character of Jamie Somers, and by extension the actress who portrayed her, Lindsay Wagner. You nailed it it one Stacey. Jamie Somers (Lindsay Wagner) had the looks PLUS an oh-so-likeable down-to-earth quality.

    And how much exactly did it cost to convert Jamie into the Bionic Woman?
    Don’t ask silly.
    That’s CLASSIFIED!

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  6. Yes, we have passed through the looking glass into multiple/various/celebrity memories now, hahaha.
    But the video doesn’t seem to be available, Glen! 😦

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  7. Oh no.
    Jamie’s memory MUST be honoured! lol
    When I log onto LAUGHTER OVER TEARS and scroll down to the ‘Comments’ section it is definitely there with full preview image seen AND it plays.
    Does this one below play any better? (Note: May have to explain to anyone under the age of 30 what a telephone book was!)

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  8. I don’t know what witchy, warlocky magical backfiring is going on with the last two videos, but they’re not playing on MY side for some reason! The above Carol Burnett play just fine, though, and thanks for that, BTW. They had so much fun on that show.

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  9. Witches and warlocks heed my plea – it is the Bionic Woman vids we wish to see!
    Just logged into LAUGHTER OVER TEARS on my wife’s phone – that’s as good as an ‘independent’ log-in as I can conjure – and both vids play for all their life. Silly technology is teasing you Stacey as it has teased me on countless occasions also.

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