Other Stories


Best Work:  TheRag_Issue6PDF; 

Glimmer Train: http://bit.ly/2017JanFebSSAhonorablemention

A hard-drinking sculptor begins to fall apart…

Day for Night (short story novel is based on):  eFiction November 2012

A wanna-be actress suddenly discovers how strange the world really is.

Devour: A Love Story:  ginosko10

A girl with a crush decides to diet…and then can’t stop.

Terminator, Too:   http://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/

A satire on “The Terminator” featuring a future idyllic Los Angeles…that not everyone is happy with.

Helly Kitty: Eclectica

A woman suffering confusing memories follows her own stalker…

Anatomy of Ruin: The Chamber Magazine: https://tinyurl.com/4ffptzbf

An almost-apocalyptic semi-horror existential comedy about suffering and the nature of hope.