Review and Interview: CANNABIS: The Illegalization of Weed in America by Box Brown

This is fascinating stuff. And let me echo similar sentiments from the interview: cannabis is illegal but there’s a liquor store on every corner of every city and town in America. Yet how many accidents happen, specifically vehicular, from pot smoking compared to inebriation? Thanks, Henry, for a great interview, and thanks to the artist, Box Brown, for bringing the issue to light so creatively.

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CANNABIS: The Illegalization of Weed in America is the new graphic novel by Box Brown, published by First Second. It is a most remarkable book in how it packs together a disparate clump of facts and myths and makes sense of it all. Here you find a detailed yet accessible answer to the question: How do you take something essentially good and make so many people believe the exact opposite–and why? The short answer: Because it is something running counter to the self-interest of those in power. The long and twisted history of how and why cannabis became illegal in the United States is the latest in the always insightful and informative Box Brown books. The following is my interview with the author of artist himself conducted via email:

Will we ever get back to a sensible approach to cannabis? Will cannabis ever lose the stigma attached to it?

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10 thoughts on “Review and Interview: CANNABIS: The Illegalization of Weed in America by Box Brown

  1. Exactly! Like the edible cups they were drinking out of in Willy Wonka! 100% full circle, full use. A pleasurable way to leave no discernible footprint!

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  2. Total legalization in the states will happen and it will happen soon, Lord willing. I’ve long been a proponent of legalization. To me, it’s amazing that it hasn’t happened already. There is an obscene amount tax dollars to be made. That said, I hold the hippies largely responsible for the excessive–and I do mean excessive (geeze)–criminalization. They scared everybody to death with all that really bad, really weird dancing they did. Nixon in particular was terrified by the dancing. But, hey, enough already. Can’t we let bygones be bygones. Legalize it!

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  3. LMAO !! “They scared everybody to death with all that really bad, really weird dancing they did.”
    God, you’re right! It WAS really weird and really bad, wasn’t it?
    Time to let it go, people! Lol! Thanks for your comments, Pamela. 🙂


  4. You know, my mum used to believe that everyone who smoked weed eventually turned into full blown drug addicts. It was the first step on the staircase that led to a bottomless pit !!! The day I bounced through the door, enveloped in the aroma of weed when I was a teenager was the day she thought I was shaking hands with the devil 🤣 I suppose old fashioned viewpoints will always stigmatize it’s use. But imagine a world run by chilled out politicians. Not much done but everybody would be happy. I haven’t smoked it for years but one day……..

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    • Yeah, ha ha, that was definitely–and still is, I guess–a common belief. Pot as a “gateway” drug. I don’t know about that. All I know is I used to smoke it and never was interested in any way, shape, or form in branching out into other drugs. Maybe more obsessive personalities are in danger of that. But yeah…talk about chillaxing! A pot-laced politican–not too much, just enough to stop frigging arguing, agree on some sh**, and get the important stuff done–I’d go for it! Ah, well………


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