I try not to get into Facebook discussions with people about politics because I’m not into S&M. At least not yet.

Once, years ago when I told a co-worker that and my husband and I hardly saw each other because we worked on different shifts she said, “That’s good. It’ll keep the marriage fresh.”

She was right, too. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that. So who am I to say S&M might not be the next thing to “keep the marriage fresh”? No one. I’m no one to say it. So, like Vice President Pence and the 25 Amendment not being taken off the table, neither is S&M off the table. Except for the social media table.


A recent example of the kind of rhetoric I’ve seen online was someone responding to the fact that the Air Force veteran who was killed during the riot on the Capitol building had been deemed a “terrorist.”

Part of what they wrote was, and I quote: “This UNARMED woman was in a buildkng OWNED BY THE PEOPLE. PEACEFULLY protesting an act OF SEDITION perpetrated by our vice pres when he IGNORED HIS CKNSTITUTIONAL MANDATE to reject votes counted from ststes where governors had violzted their OWN Constitution…”

Crazily, out of everything they said, was the statement “peacefully protesting.”  I’m sure that people believe that the election was stolen. I’m sure that they think Mike Pence was complicit for not “going along” on Wednesday.

But what I’m not sure of is if the writer has used a dictionary recently or even knows what one is. Last I heard, the definition of peaceful was holding hands and singing “Kumbayah” or lying flat on the ground and chanting “I can’t breathe.”


Some kind of force—An extremely determined spirit guide? A guardian angel with celestial hand restraints?—kept me from responding. I DID, however, take the time to click the laughing emoji.

Immature, I know. But I think everyone’s aware at this point that Facebook has contributed greatly to increasing isolation and retarding emotional growth, along with 20 years of reality TV and every new menu item at Taco Bell.

It started with the Walkman. Remember the Walkman? That’s when tuning out began in earnest, wasn’t it?

I guess I’ve succumbed somewhat, too. What did “laughing” at the person’s post accomplish? Nothing. So I do practice non-participation as much as possible.

I DID respond once, a few years ago, to someone on FB who said they thought that people who killed police dogs should be charged with murder.


I mean, I’m not taking that idea off the table. I mean, look at that puppyyyyyy! Maybe 100 years from now, 200, we can think about that? But let’s start with people first. Right?

There’s a lot of anger in this country that can’t be ignored.

Once we get past the arrests and trials and punishments and justice, if the half of the country that would not riot at the Capitol building doesn’t start talking to the half that did—and would again, and will likely do worse—to find out what’s going on, it feels like it’ll be a slow (maybe fast) escalation to certain doom.


I mean, they’re not all xenophobic entitled racists wearing Nazi paraphernalia.  Some people just want jobs, right?

Meantime, if I DO get into S&M, it’ll be the “keep the marriage fresh” kind, not the FB kind, packed tight with the myriad accoutrements of protest and tribulation but sans any ultimate satisfaction or relief.

I’ll take some light spanking and maybe one wrist tied to the bed with a really, really soft ribbon over that any day. Safe word: kumbayah.


20 thoughts on “MOBOCRACY

    • Uggggh. That’s always tough when it’s family! But you’re smart. Keep your blood pressure down. Not worth it. Especially if there’s no conversation, no reasoning, no give and take of ideas. Without that–pointless.

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  1. Staying with the S & M theme for a moment, there’s a cartoon where a rainbow-colored cardboard piñata horse is lying on a psychiatrist’s couch. The psychiatrist is sitting with note-book in hand and the piñata says, “The weird thing is I actually LIKE IT when people hit me.”

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    • Totally, BRG. Malicious baiting is a great way of putting it. And then the torture continues with the back and forth, and possibly escalating nastiness, which gets no one anywhere. Old news, I know. But I feel proud that I didn’t address the enraged person calling the mob riot a peaceful protest.

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    • Yeah, that’s the thing, isn’t it? “They seem to want to believe those lies.” If facts become “fake news” then what facts aren’t fake news, only the ones they accept? It’s an endless conundrum.

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  2. Hey Trace. I bet your hubbie is scouring the online ribbon shops as you read this 😂😉. Yep, arguing in the ether is rarely destined to satisfy anyone. Better to ask after somebody’s wellbeing, and to attempt compassion, even if they are spraying horseshit with every utterance. Maybe to think of the many practical uses for their horseshit.
    May your wrists stay flexible!

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    • Come to think of it, I DID see him surfing a bunch of sewing shops this morning with a sort of strange smirk I’ve never seen before on his face……….!
      I know everybody already knows you can’t talk to people online about stuff–for the most part. I guess I’m really just venting because of the “peaceful protest” comment after people were gassed, pepper sprayed, had the sh** beat out of them, were arrested, and shot during Black Lives Matter. The hypocrisy and the blindness doesn’t bode well and I’m frankly just sick of it.

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  3. That’s a great opening to your article LOL
    “I try not to get into Facebook discussions with people about politics because I’m not into S&M. At least not yet.”
    and even better the “Safe word : kumbayah”, ending. Haha a back of the net LOL
    Well done in holding back the barrage of words you wanted to unleash but calmly and rational did the next best thing.
    Give them the “laughing” emoji and I’m sure the middle finger at the screen.
    And no not immature at all, it was the right response.
    Now if the hubby reads this, he either has a big smile on his face or is absolutely petrified.

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  4. Many thanks, Wolfman. Social media is definitely a great window into the acceleration and expanse of world-wide egotism. Getting involved and then trying to get out is like attempting to extricate oneself from a giant spider’s web.
    As for hubby…he wants to make a bet who says kumbayah the most. I told him, “Bring it!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  5. Brilliant post, Stacey. For a moment, I thought I was reading The New Yorker–and I LOVE The New Yorker…
    So true. For instance, my husband LOVES youtube (he criticizes me for reading instructions instead of “just watching youtube.” Anyway, after the riots youtube went berserk scrubbing violent videos. My husband was bummed. Ha!
    I don’t torture myself with crazy talk. I veer away from it so much that I sometimes overcorrect. My husband says, “you need to see what the crazies are up to.” I suppose he’s right, it’s just too painful. I don’t toy with S&M. I can barely stand to be in an elevator or a compact car, let alone handcuffs.

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  6. High praise, Pam. Thanks!
    Yeah, there’s enough pain and suffering in life just on a day to day basis. I don’t need to go jumping into a vat of boiling lava on top of everything else. Your husband’s got thick skin, it sounds like. He can take it.
    As for any (potential) S&M…. handcuffs not an option Just a soft ribbon, Pam, just a soft ribbon…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. Having lived in the US at one the most liberal places in California for many years, the outburst and violence first after may 25 with the killing of George Floyd, and the ongoing outburst of protest, ending in violence by the police, and rioters looting, and then the elections, and the following all hell breaking loose, at the Capitol, surprised me, and the ongoing narratives, make me realize the Hatfield–McCoy, the Clantons and McLaurys, and the Dixie Flag Confederates Vs the Union soldiers, it’s a wound still raw, pestering American life, and politics, today.

    Lunatic? I guess so, clinging to Nineteen century narratives of hate, and being willing to go out on the streets to fight perceived grievances, an conspiracy QAnon style, it’s seems as American as apple pay.

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  8. Some ARE still clinging to 19th century narratives, aren’t they? The brainwashing runs deep and certain beliefs have been unchallenged for so long that another officer thought he could get away with murdering someone in broad daylight and that, as usual, nothing would come of it except some peaceful protesting. As for the ones that stormed the Capitol…. I’m not sure complaints about lockdowns explained the catalyst for their violence and murderous intent. But if you believe there’s no virus and lockdowns are unnecessary, well… I guess you (erroneously) think you have the right to do what they did. Not surprising in the end, right? Our chaos was a long time coming.

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  9. 🤣 I haven’t used Facebook for a long time because there’s sooooooo much bullshit spread about on there. To many people talk about incidents they don’t know anything about. Nothing wrong with having opinions but uhhhhhhhhhhh…… S & M…… Why not S & F… sado feminism. I believe in equality.
    You know the old saying ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’. The storming of the Washington Bastille was just that. If only the stormers and the police had used S & M & F techniques, it might have been enjoyable!

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  10. You are a wise, wise man. I guess it’s common sense not to “engage” on FB. It really is a Never Never Land of fantasy and arrested development. As for the Washington Bastille…yeah. S & M & F would have worked a lot better. Maybe calmed a few people down or something. Egads !!!


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