Arcanaland: It’s All About the Gleip!


Check out Wyborn Senna’s latest offering: Arcanaland: Far From Shandesto

I’ve always wondered what would happen if I went under a sofa somewhere and ended up in a different plane of existence! Arcanaland: Far From Shandesto is a crazy ride into a different world where the rules are always changing and you never know what to expect.

I loved the Arthurian legends, Hawiian myths, spells and magic and pretzel clam chowder. At first I felt sorry for the kids that ended up there, but then later it seemed like they were getting into the adventure. They have to find certain objects in order to be able to find their way home eventually, like the pieces of a puzzle, one at a time, and during this journey, they are pulled sideways and up and down into many other journeys and many frightening situations..

Anyone who loves different worlds full of magic and characters you’ve never seen before, mysteries and unexpected adventures will enjoy this read. Fun, fun fun, and exciting too!
And get used to the philosophy, “It’s all about the gleip.” Because It IS all about the gleip!

3 thoughts on “Arcanaland: It’s All About the Gleip!

    • Hi there, Southpaw!
      Hey, forgive my confusion, but I’m still dog paddling through this electronic world….

      How did you see my review for this book? Is it because it showed up on my Facebook Author Page & therefore your timeline?



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